Sunday, April 06, 2008

Guest editing Dollymix and other Shiny columns

I always link to my freelance stuff on here, but never the columns I write for Shiny Media blogs. It's time to redress that balance!

I'm currently guest-editing Dollymix, our online women's magazine, while the editor, Cate Sevilla is away on holiday. I'm really enjoying myself. You can read my byline columns here.

I'm writing a column for Bridalwave about trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding. You can read the first three here: Venue, Rings, The Flowers

I've also written a couple of columns for Shiny Shiny: My Favourite Wastes of Time | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - you name it, I've got a toolbar for it.
and Crafty Crafty: Top 5 ways to deal with a Craft Slump | Why I'm never crocheting anyone any presents ever again.

Oh, and I did a piece for TV Scoop about how much I love The Palace.


Rachel said...


Your "10 sites for women" bloggy post type thing made fark. This is an unfortunate thing, as I suspect that the hordes of asshat farkers who probably should not be allowed commenting privileges on anything will be unpleasant to you. But I wanted to let you know that i agree with you! As much as I love fark (and I do love fark), you are absolutely right that the community can be downright hostile towards women. I imagine it would make a fantastic sociological study. It makes me sad. On the other hand, if we got enough female submitters together, we could probably stage a coup and take over fark.

Anyway, this probably doesn't mean much against the onslaught of super negative posts that you are probably going to get on that original blog posty type thing, but I wanted to show solidarity. Yay you for saying something! I hope your week filled with things that you like. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Katie Lee said...

Thanks Rachel, that's really kind of you! It was a tough few days but you have to learn to get used to that if you insist on putting your opinions on the internet!

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