Sunday, April 06, 2008

Telegraph Christmas Gadgets Feature

Once again, I was wheeled out to assist with the Telegraph's Christmas gadget extravaganza. You can view my contributions here:

Gadgets For Girls this Christmas:

Young Teens
Teens & 20-somethings
Over 30s
Over 40s

They seem to have added in some typos especially for the online edition, so consider that a special extra treat.

Sorry about splitting people up into gender and age demographics. They made me do it. Just be glad that I didn't make all the gifts for over 40s geriatric aids.

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Paula said...

Thanks for the post Katie, there some nice gift ideas there for this coming Christmas. I currently buy presents for my husband and friends at sites such as Presents For Men which has made my Christmas shopping somewhat easier, but I will definitely check out some of the gift ideas you have put forward. Thanks again.

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