Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Writing "gadgets for girls" features has become a popular pastime for journalists recently. Which is where I come in...

Recently mouthing off in:

The Sun - on a piece about girls spending lots of money on gadgets
The Guardian
Elle US - (Although they might have just given Shiny Shiny a mention and leave out my sparkling commentary - I never saw the piece.)
New York Times
Stuff UK
Vogue UK - December 2004
The Evening Standard
BBC Online
The Observer

And on:

6Music Phil Jupitus breakfast show. Dave Green likes a lie in every now and then.
ITV News - (According to my sisters' review, I laughed at my own jokes and licked my teeth too much. On the plus side, my teeth looked white and you couldn't see my bra through my shirt.
Radio Five Live
Radio Newcastle
And an Irish Radio station I can't recall the name of - but I did manage to say "peed off" twice on air and spent most of the time dodging queries about vibrators.

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