Sunday, January 16, 2005

All about me

So who am I anyway?


Blogging and social media
Product development, content creation and management
Creative commercial campaigns
Web 2.0 futurology and consultancy
Women's media

Co-Founder Shiny Media
I co-founded Shiny Media, the UK's biggest blog publishing company in 2004 with 3.1million unique users a month (you can read the full blurb about Shiny Media over on our company blog). In 2007 we took investment from Bright Station Ventures.

Editorial Director, Shiny Media
As editorial director, I created and launched over 35 blogs for the network with titles across the Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Games and Sports sectors. I managed a team of 11 in-house editors and more than 50 freelance writers and editors. Some of our flagship blogs include Tech Digest, Catwalk Queen,, TV Scoop and Shoewawa.

I was also founding editor of Shiny Shiny back in 2004 (the world's first gadgets blog aimed at women), which now receives over 300,000 uniques a month.

Commercial campaigns

I worked on many commercial campaigns for blue chip advertisers, creating bespoke, web-friendly partnerships with clients such as Vodafone (Vodafone Live Guy, Vodafone Live Shopping), LG (The LG Media Talent Award, City Clickers) and Cisco (Digital Cribs). Both the LG and Cisco campaigns were extended into Europe using our relationships with European blog networks.

I started life as a technology writer, producing a monthly column for the The Independent on Sunday Review, The Observer and Custom PC. I have also written for Woman & Home, Mobile Choice, Stuff, T3, Marie Claire, PC Pro, Blueprint, the Guardian, FHM, Dazed & Confused, and most of the daily newspapers.

I've made numerous TV and Radio appearances, including The Gadget Show (discussing gadgets for women), Something for the Weekend, Radio 5 Live, Radio One, Radio Four and 6Music.

I still accept freelance work that interests me and currently write a weekly column for Look Magazine. You can contact me on katie[at] if you'd like to offer me money for words.

You can find out more about my freelance work by clicking on this Freelance link.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Katie said...
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Lucy McCabe said...

Hi Katie Lee, nice website!
Just wanted to post you a note and say congratulations for your sucess with SHINY SHINY (as you know, I do diligently read it!)
Speak to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie

You look nice. Would you like to go out for a drink with me? I have all my own teeth and I'm not a stalker. Yes, I'm quite a catch!


Arend said...

You're absolutely delightful; well-informed, witty and beautiful. Keep up the great site.
p.s. love the accent, don't get much of that in Brooklyn, NY.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a geek and just subscribed to Custom PC, and it was a breath of fresh air to see a human being that looked like... well a human being in the magazine.

Better leave it there otherwise I'll come across as a stalker. Nice article on crazy Jap gadgets though.

Sapphrine said...

Hello o/

Just leaving a comment to say i popped by after a late night random browsing session having just finished reading an edition of Custom PC.

Quite liked the yoga blogging video :)

I enjoy reading your column in Custom PC.

Not a lot else to say really! Hope everything goes well with Shiny Media.

Katie Lee said...

Thanks for all the nice comments about Custom PC - I loved writing that column. It may not have been the most high profile column I've ever done, but it was on of the things I was most proud of in my freelance career - mainly because the excellent Custom PC team let me put in all those crap gags.

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